Asentia changes course and heads towards value generation

Its property development activities will kick off with developing its land.
  • Its current shareholders have showed their commitment to the company by converting over 80% of its debt into equity.
  • The company's debt has dropped from EUR 1 billion to EUR 160 million.
  • Asentia is to develop its land, which currently consists of over 1,500,000 m2, with EUR 200 million expected to be invested over the next six years.
  • The new Asentia has become separate from its former shareholder Colonial, the real estate company.

Madrid, 9 June 2015. Asentia's debt refinancing agreement was signed in Madrid on 28 May. This represents a milestone in the history of the property company, as from now it will become a developer, focusing on developing its own land, and a third-party property assets manager.

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